Moth Schiffslampe schiffsleuchten lampe Leuchter Licht Wandlampe wandleuchte LED

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  • Nickel matte aus 100% Massives Messing, Handgefertigt und handmontiert, Hergestellt in Griechenland .
  • IP64 , E27 , Max. 60W ,L:22 x B: 10.5 H: cm Gewicht : 1.25KGb
  • Dicker massiver Glasfarbton / Diffusor, Keramik E27 Lampenfassung
  • Garantiert 100 Jahre Rostfrei. 200% Kundendienst. Kostenlose Ersatzteile .
  • Geeignet für den Einsatz / Einbau drinnen, draußen auch für den maritimen Einsatz auf einem Boot oder in der Nähe der Küste
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Moth is made from solid brass It will not rust even when the salinity levels are high . It is a compact oval bulkhead lamp with brass mesh or cage cover and with prismatic or ribbed glass light diffuser . The lamp holder is porcelain . This light fitting is manufactured entirely in Greece.All brass parts have been moulded in Greece and then hand processed and hand assembled. The gauge of the body and the mesh cover is about 1.5mm. The high gauge makes the fitting a bit heavy but robust and unbreakable .The finish or coating of the lamp has been applied using electroplating thus it will never peel off or crack . It can be Installed on the wall or the ceiling or on a post or on a boat indoors or outdoors. We provide you for life with spare parts so the lamp can be useful and shed you with light for many years to come.